Manufacturing is complex, fast moving and highly competitive. Protecting the Intellectual Property (IP) and trade secrets that give your business its edge is just as fast changing and complex.

Many business leaders all but ignore managing the risk to their enterprise posed by cyber criminals. Do you think that your company has nothing of value to lose?

How long did it take your engineers to tune your business processes?
At what cost?

Your business has a wealth of proprietary information: mixtures, fixturing, procedures, process, g-code, research, simulations, partner’s IP etc...

Your company is liable and does have a lot to lose.

Traditional cybersecurity methods begin with a risk assessment (RA) of your entire company. RAs are typically done to meet regulatory compliance requirements and avoid liability. Once the RA is complete, and many threats and vulnerabilities are identified, where do you start? Now you must conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify the most expensive and most likely risk to your company and start there.

With this traditional approach, where are your business goals addressed? How do you prioritize security and operational goals with spending? How does this align your people, technology, and processes with your goals? It does not. And, how do you measure what you have bought?

Sadly, your new security setup is only good until the next software update, regulation change or a new business direction is initiated.  The results have a very short life cycle.

     Addressing these issues requires more.

  • “2.8 million security incidents were detected, a 48 percent increase over the previous year.”

                 – PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • "30% of all incidents against manufacturing companies are cyber espionage attacks."

                  – Mandiant Threat Report

  • “81% of breach victims did not identify breach themselves.”


  • Use the Secure-BPI™ framework to combine and align your strategic goals with cybersecurity requirements for maximum benefit your company.

Secure-Business Process Improvement™

Use Information Security TO improve Profitability

The Secure-Business Process Improvement™ (Secure-BPI™) framework solves these issues by keeping your strategic business goals front and center. The process begins with identifying your goals and works through a pilot process to help your team deliver on the goals while  discovering and protecting business-critical information and processes.

This approach educates your people so that they can gradually scale the pilot project to progressively include more of your enterprise.

  • Growing your business demands that you start with well-crafted strategic goals. No matter where you start with your strategic business goals, you must discover and use data and information about your company to make fact-based decisions.


1.  Start with your 1-2 year business goals - Not the typical risk assessment and BIA.

Secure-BPI™ Builds Protection into your business processes and exposes opportunities to extend your company's capabilities.

  • Effective cybersecurity must start with discovering and classifying your critical business data and information to enable fact-based decision making about where to start, risks involved, budgets, priorities etc…

3.   Prioritize revenue growth and innovation – while building Information Security into your business.

Question:  How confident are you that your business will quickly recover when it is attacked?

2.   Discover and innovate with your business information – Do not just back it up and forget it – USE IT!

Traditional Cybersecurity - Not the answer

Old Protection Methods - Not Good Enough

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Grow and Protect Your Business

Different Thinking Required